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When Brothers Fall

“When Brothers Fall” is veteran tribute song written by Matt Coolidge, USMC, while in a foxhole in Kuwait during the Gulf War.

Please take a listen and pass on.  If you would like to use the song for a memorial or any event, please contact us at Fallenbrothers@msn.com and we’ll be happy to send you a digital copy.

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Matt Coolidge is a Songwriter from Seattle, Washington.  He started his life journey at the age of 12, when he first started to learn how to play the guitar.  Throughout his adolescence, he continued to thrive as a young musician.

You can listen to Matt’s music and read more about him at  http://www.mattcoolidgemusic.com/.

Acknowledging his passion for music, on Matt’s 15th birthday his father booked him professional studio time.  Ultimately, after graduating high school he decided that the U.S. Marine Corps was where he wanted to be.  In 1990, he was deployed to the Persian Gulf, where he fought in the ground war for the liberation of Kuwait.  While lying in a foxhole, after attending a unit memorial service, he wrote “When Brothers Fall”.  The song was a dedication to his friends and fellow Marines who were killed in combat.

Today, at 40, Matt is the author of over 400 songs.  He currently lives in Vancouver, Washington with his wife and dog, where he continues to write and produce music every day.  He is affiliated with BMI as both a Songwriter and Publisher.